Oklahoma salon catering to children with special needs

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TULSA, Okla. — With school starting up soon, parents want their kids to look and feel their best with a fresh haircut.

But it’s not an easy task for many families.

Five-year-old Henry Jones has autism. His mother, Carrie, describes previous trips to the salon as torture, KJRH reports.

“He cried the whole time, but it was fast. So we were like ‘OK, it’s torture but it’s fast,'” Carrie said.

That is, until she discovered Chloe’s, specializing in cutting hair for kids with special needs or sensory related issues in Tulsa.

“Before it was like a dreaded activity, and now we’ll be driving this way and he will literally say, ‘Haircut, haircut?'” Jones said.

Chloe’s, A Salon for Children opened in December 2017 and offers services for kids with special needs. The salon runs on a slower pace and offers a private room for children who have sensory related issues.

“They can kind of feel safe, and if it’s a little too noisy on the floor then they have a quiet safe place that they can go,” owner Judy Kreitzer said.

Kreitzer ran a larger scale salon back in California and retired in Tulsa to be with family. She said she picked up the scissors again after her daughter opened her eyes to the need in the community.

“We’re not interested in so much getting everything done. We’re interested in getting them through the process safely and to where they feel successful,” Kreitzer said.

Walk-ins are welcome but they prefer you to schedule an appointment.

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