Olathe animal control officer praised for saving small deer trapped in 12-foot drain

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OLATHE, Kan. — A deer’s rescue from a sewer drain is capturing hearts and earning praise for a metro animal control officer.

Olathe Animal Control helped save the doe, which they believe had been trapped for days.

Nadya Dibenedetto often walks her dogs along a grassy path in her Olathe neighborhood near 146th and Halsey. But Sunday, she and her husband’s dogs started acting strange.

“One of our dogs pulled her toward this manhole,” Igor Sorkin said.

The manhole’s cover was missing, and a little deer was trapped inside.

“She was all kinds of freaked out by the whole thing. She’s like, ‘This little baby deer is trapped and I can’t help it,'” Sorkin said.

They called animal control, and Officer James Brackett arrived.

“I wouldn’t have found it because it’s kind of just in a field north of a little lake out there,” said Brackett with Olathe Animal Control.

Sorkin guided Brackett to the manhole.

The deer was running in circles and not quite sure what was going on.

“It was just scared and not sure what was going to happen. But it really wanted to be freed. You could feel it,” Sorkin said.

Brackett grabbed a standard catch pole, laid flat on his stomach and lowered the pole into the 12-foot-deep hole.

“It was pretty thin. You could see ribs and the hip bone and things like that. So it had probably been down there for a while,” Brackett said.

Within seconds, he pulled the little deer to safety.

“He was just at the top of his game. Knew exactly what to do,” Sorkin said.

Sorkin’s wife and Olathe police, shared video of the rescue online, getting thousands of views, along with some well deserved recognition and thanks.

“We try to go about our jobs and help out people and help out the community and the animals and keep everyone safe,” Brackett said.

Igor and Nadya, two self proclaimed animal lovers, couldn’t be more grateful.

“Job well done,” Sorkin said.

And the little deer, who quickly went pouncing back off into the woods, seems to agree.

Olathe police guarded the uncovered manhole until a county worker could come and replace it.

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