OLATHE, Kan. — After 27 years of serving this community, Olathe is giving back to on battalion Chief who finds himself in the battle for his life.

“All of a sudden he got, you know, terrible pain in his stomach and, you know, doubled over started vomiting, couldn’t really control it,” said Lee Pierce of Help our Heros.

That was only the beginning of what would turn into a fight, for this nearly 3 decade Olathe fire department Veteran, Mark Godbold.

“[He] ended up taking him straight to the emergency room. He was there for several days” Pierce said “because of how quickly it had spread, it was automatically updated to stage four. And now he’s got stage four liver cancer” he said.

Now his community with the assistance from organizations like Help our Hero’s — are giving back and making a sacrifice — one he made for half his life

In less than a week — a GoFundMe page to help his family has quintupled to more than five thousand dollars… all in support of their firehouse 52 Battalion Chief.

“This has blown our minds beyond kind of our wildest imaginations where this was going for. And it just goes to show that people will leave there wanting to give they’re wanting to help they’re wanting to reach out’ Pierce said. Their work only just beginning continuing to throw their support behind Godbold.

“So everything else now is icing on the cake. And then once we get to the end of the month, sometime early January, mid-January, we’ll you know, we’ll hold a ceremony, a little presentation and we’ll give it to them.”