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OLATHE, Kan. — Efforts to build a new soccer complex in Olathe are moving forward.

The Olathe City Council officially approved the project going in at K-10 and Ridgeview Road Tuesday night.

The plan is to begin the site work next month to prepare this land for the construction of nine soccer fields, two hotels, retail and restaurants.

This will be the only privately owned soccer complex in the metro.

The developers plan to spend around $60-million to build it, and the city is offering up to $14-million in incentives. The developers will receive property and sales tax breaks, and the area will become a community improvement district. That means you will pay an extra one percent sales tax whenever you spend money here, and all the extra funds will be used to help pay for this project.

The goal is to have the soccer fields built by the end of next year and begin playing on them in 2019.

The hotels and retail space will be built within two years – by the summer of 2019. This entire project is expected to attract an extra 1.3 million people to visit Olathe every year.

Heartland Soccer will run the fields and host several tournaments every year as this complex competes with Overland Park, KCK, Swope Park and Grandview to attract teams across the nation to come play here.