OLATHE, Kan. — Olathe East High School shooting suspect Jaylon Elmore appeared in court for the first time via Zoom since being released from the hospital on May 9.

Elmore is charged with attempted capitol murder for shooting school resource officer Erik Clark on March 4 at Olathe East High School.

According to court documents, Clark shot and disarmed Elmore in the office area of the school and was hospitalized for two months before being booked into Johnson County jail.

Clark and assistant principal Dr. Kaleb Stoppel were shot and hospitalized during the incident, but were released from the hospital later that night.

The shooting happened at 10:30 a.m. during school hours. Sources told FOX4 he was called to the office on suspicions of having a gun.

Elmore’s attorney and the attorney representing the state said they are still waiting for some evidence in the case and needed more time.

Another scheduling hearing is set for Aug. 17, 2022, at 11 a.m.

The 18-year-old remains in custody.

Elmore appeared in court for unrelated charges on May 10.