Olathe High School students stranded at Atlanta airport

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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ATLANTA — A school group from one high school were desperate for a ride when they nearly missed their trip to Spain.

A parent tied to a student organization from Olathe South High School told FOX 4 News more than 30 Spanish students were stranded at Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport on Wednesday. The group departed Kansas City International Airport at 12:20 a.m. en route to Madrid, Spain on a school trip.

Due to severe weather in the Atlanta area, the group’s flight arrived late, causing them to miss their connecting flight to Madrid by 15 minutes.

The Olathe South group, which, according to one parent, also includes a number of students from the St. Louis area, were forced to wait at the Atlanta airport while Xperitas, the travel agency coordinating the trip, worked out details.

The group was initially informed they may be forced to remain at Hartsfield Airport until Friday, which will cost the students all of their time in Madrid.

Parents told FOX 4 News each student is being charged $4,400 for the trip.

Maggie Kolb, a spokesperson for Olathe Public Schools, told FOX 4 News the trip is not coordinated by the school district. Rather, students have the option to take the trip, and not counted as an academic exercise for grade.

The situation was fortunately resolved later Wednesday afternoon, when the travel company arranged for the students to make it to Madrid separately in groups of six or seven students via indirect flights.

A source involved in the situation told FOX 4 it is unlikely that Delta Airlines or the travel agency will refund any money for time missed on the trip.



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