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EUDORA, Kan. — A nonprofit is going above and beyond for kids in wheelchairs, creating custom Halloween costumes.

These over-the-top designs stop people in their tracks, especially the latest one for a huge Chiefs fan from Eudora who was surprised by all the bells and whistles.

Eleven-year-old John Pittman gets to cheer on his favorite team inside Arrowhead Stadium, which also happens to be his costume this Halloween.

“John’s personality is over the top, and the costume is over-the-top cool,” John’s dad Dustin Pittman said.

The custom-made costume includes a foam board that’s hand-carved and glued together, lights, a Bluetooth speaker and John’s favorite piece: the Jumbotron.

But his mom said the best part is John feeling included while sitting in his wheelchair.

“This is a special opportunity for John to just be like everybody else,” Dawn Pittman said. “You know, every kid wants a cool costume that reflects the things that they enjoy doing.”

For John, he said what he enjoy’s are touchdowns.

The nonprofit that made John’s costume possible started in a garage in Olathe. Now they make costumes, like a Splash Mountain, for kids across the nation.

“Just sent one to Hawaii,” and that was for a Black Hawk helicopter for a little girl,” Lon Davis said.

Davis started Walkin’ and Rollin’ Costumes in 2015 after his son Reese wanted something festive to wear in his wheelchair.

“It was actually the icebreaker that suddenly made all the other kids realize he’s just like us,” Davis said.

They wanted to share the wealth. Together, they’re up to 100 costumes, 75 of which were made in his garage. ‘

As for the others, Davis accepts design and construction help from local businesses. GBA in Lenexa put in more than 200 volunteer hours to build John’s masterpiece. That company also helped with the design of the actual Arrowhead Stadium back in 1969.

This week, the young fan has a message for the Chiefs: “Beat the Broncos!”

If you’d like to donate or volunteer to be a builder, visit Walkin’ and Rollin’s website.