KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two of the Kansas City area’s largest school districts have canceled outdoor after-school activities Monday due to the high temperatures in the Kansas City metro.

An Excessive Heat Warning lasts until Thursday night, with daily high temperatures in the upper 90s and the “feels-like” temperatures expected to range from 110-120 degrees.

Olathe Public Schools said all outdoor after-school practices have been canceled Monday through Thursday at the middle and high school level. Teams can practice before school or indoors.

Additionally, Olathe Parks and Rec said all outdoor events are canceled until Thursday. The city said the move most affects youth soccer and t-ball. Parks & Rec will reevaluate scheduling later this week for weekend events.

“Games can always be rescheduled. Practices can always be made up. But the most important thing would be the safety of everybody that would be involved with,” Olathe spokesperson Cody Kennedy said.

Out at Black Bob Park on Monday, the swings and slides were empty, and the water tower towered over an quiet baseball field.

The only sign of life was Chris Hughes, running in the high temperatures as part of his daily workout. But he agreed it’s not a good move for children.

“It’s probably not a good idea for younger kids to be exercising on a day like today because they don’t know enough about hydration and don’t have the life experience of what happens when you get dehydrated,” he said.

The city of Lawrence has also postponed all Parks and Recreation outdoor activities through Thursday, including adult softball, ultimate frisbee and youth baseball. The city said rentals and field reservations have also been canceled, and refunds will be issued.

At the Shawnee Mission School District, all after-school activities on the secondary level must take place indoors in a climate-controlled environment Monday. Schools also canceled outdoor recess and other outdoor activities.

The district said it will make a decision about outdoor activities each day the Excessive Heat Warning remains in effect.

Kansas City Public Schools released eight schools early on Monday, due to extreme heat in the metro and lack of central air conditioning. The district said it will keep families updated on any future adjustments.

Experts have advice for students or young athletes who do decide to go outside this week.

“Gatorades, Powerades are great. Be careful of the ones that have a lot of sugar in them,” said Joanne Loethen, an internal medicine and pediatrics specialist at University Health.

“Make sure that they’re able to drink some fluids,” she added.” It’s never a bad idea to call emergency services if you feel like someone is not acting like themselves, overly sleepy, just not responsive at all.”

Even adults pushing themselves to extremes said they have limits when it comes to their kids and heat.

“We put in an extra window unit even, and it’s still not keeping up. We have a young daughter so I’ve really forced all the air conditioning to go into her room when she goes down early. It’s on the side of the house that the sun beats on so it’s the hottest,” Hughes said.

FOX4 will update this story if more events are canceled or schools are affected during this week’s heat wave.