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OLATHE, Kan. — The Olathe School Board has voted to terminate Olathe North High School teacher and coach Pete Flood after he allegedly said a racial slur regarding a Black student and his music.

The board voted to accept the recommendation to terminate the teaching contract of Pete Flood, as well as all positions held in the district. The vote was unanimous.

Joe Beveridge, president of the Olathe School Board, called this incident “reprehensible.”

“Anyone who demonstrates racism and bigotry like this has no place in our school district,” Beveridge said. “It is inexcusable on every level. Our next steps as a school district will be some of the most important steps will will take.”

The district launched investigation into coach Flood the day the allegations were made public.

The student’s father, Tony Banks, posted about the incident on Friday morning, May 7. He said his son was playing rap music while warming up on the baseball team when Flood came over and used a racial slur.

The post alleges that Flood told the student that “we don’t play that [racial slur] music here.”

Banks’ son is reportedly the only Black student on the team.

The Facebook post, which asked parents to call the school, sparked outrage and quickly reached district leaders. Flood was suspended by the end of the day with school leaders calling for his immediate termination.

“We are appalled by the remarks made by the Olathe North head baseball coach and have thoroughly investigated the situation,” a statement from Olathe Public Schools said. “The comments made are absolutely unacceptable.”