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OLATHE, Kan. — Snow plow drivers in Olathe are ready to take some newly-named snow plows for a spin.

The city held a contest to name its 15 residential plows. The city said there were hundreds of names submitted. It seems like they had a pretty tough job narrowing down the list to just 15 because there were a lot of creative submissions.

Here are the winners:

  • Tyreek Chill
  • Snow Devil
  • Darth Blader
  • Snowbi-Wan Kenobi
  • Copito de Nieve
  • Sleetwood Mac
  • Sir Plows-a-Lot
  • Blizzard of Oz
  • Chuck Snowrris
  • Luke Snowalker
  • Oh Snow U Didn’t
  • Plow Bunyan
  • Sled Zeppelin
  • Saltzilla
  • Santa Fe Scraper

Some of the plows have also been painted by school kids over the years to add little more fun to the winter snow removal process.

Make sure you give these, and all other plows, some extra room when you see them out scooping snow off the roads over the next few days.