OLATHE, Kan. — Olathe voters have approved the renewal of two citywide sales taxes.

With 20,589 ballots cast in Tuesday’s mail-in election, Olathe voters approved an extension of the city’s current 3/8-cent sales tax for street maintenance. 

Roughly 21% of the 96,802 registered voters in Olathe participated in the election. 

Unofficial results from the Johnson County Election Office show 16,367 people (roughly 80%) voted in favor of the street maintenance sales tax renewal, while 4,199 (20%) voted against it. 

Voters also approved a renewal of the city’s ⅛-cent sales tax for parks and recreation maintenance. 

Based on unofficial results from the county election office, roughly 78% of people (15,959) voted in favor of the sales tax extension, while 22% (4,608) voted against it. 

Both sales tax initiatives will now be extended for another 10 years.