Olathe woman warns others after dog gets sick from eating marijuana on neighborhood walk


OLATHE, Kan. — A walk with her dog in a Johnson County neighborhood turned into an expensive trip to the vet for Lynda Thomas. Now she wants parents of dogs and children to be aware so no one else gets hurt. 

Her 80-pound “good boy” got into something bad while on a walk in their Olathe neighborhood. Thomas noticed her dog Lincoln pick up something in his mouth, and it wasn’t a stick. At the time, she thought is was just a bottle cap.

“If he was a smaller dog, he would not have survived,” Thomas said. 

About 30 minutes after they got home, Lincoln couldn’t walk. Thomas said her pup was vomiting, shaking and barely standing. 

“I started to cry. I was so scared. I didn’t know what to do,” Thomas said.

She rushed Lincoln to the BluePearl Pet Hospital in Overland Park. Thomas couldn’t go inside because of COVID-19 protocols. She was forced to say her goodbyes at the door.

“I was in my vehicle crying because I thought that something was seriously wrong with him,” she said.

The veterinarian quickly realized what was wrong and asked Thomas if it was possible that Lincoln came in contact with marijuana. 

“I started to laugh because I didn’t think,” Thomas said. “He didn’t get it here.”

Then Thomas remembered the odd object Lincoln was chewing on during their walk. Turns outs, that was a pouch holding drugs.

“I found them, and they weren’t caps,” Thomas said. “They were called a dab, dab container. So there was a top and a bottom, and there was still product inside the container.”

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Thomas said $2,500 later, the shaved part on Lincoln’s legs show where the IVs and fluids saved his life. 

Lincoln is still a little shaken up, but Thomas said he’s almost back to being his old playful self. 

“He doesn’t want to leave me every time I go upstairs to work. He cries,” Thomas said.

But she worries the outcome could have been much worse if the pouch had been picked up by a smaller dog or children’s hands.

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