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It’s estimated that Americans will spend more than one billion dollars on food for the super bowl, and thousands will throw parties.

And for many the food is a centerpiece of the event. The NFL is showing off its executive chef this weekend to talk all about ‘homegating.’

He says it’s not a party without the Buffalo wings.  But including healthy items like hummus with pita chips and black bean salsa are also a good idea.

“It’s not all about chips and dip. You know you want to have your foods that are high in protein, you want to have your nuts, you want to have your whole grain perhaps a pasta of some sort,” said Marc Payero, the NFL’s Executive Chef.

For recipe ideas there is a free NFL Homegating app. CLICK HERE to visit the NFL’s website or search ‘NFL Homegating’ on the iTunes app store or on Google play store.