KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City police received a call about gunshots at an apartment complex on Benton Boulevard on Tuesday.

This happened not far from the KCPD East Patrol Division location on Prospect Avenue.

Police say when they arrived around 6 p.m. they tried to make contact with an upstairs resident. It was the downstairs neighbor that made the call.

Police revealed in a release that when they approached, a man came to the window of the upstairs apartment and pointed a gun at the officers. He then backed away from the window.

Then the police backed away to take cover and surrounded the apartment to prevent the man from escaping and to protect anyone nearby.

That is when the standoff began. Police brought additional resources and trained negotiators to the scene.

The negotiators tried to get the man to come outside peacefully but were unsuccessful. About five hours into the standoff, at 11 p.m., officers made entry into the apartment and arrested the man.

There was no one else in the residence according to police. There is an investigation into aggravated assault on an officer, according to the police.

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