One classroom connects Royals baseball with educational lessons

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OLATHE, Kan. -- It can be a challenge keeping children engaged and interested in school.

Teachers at Liberty View Elementary School in Olathe are tailoring their lesson plans around the excitement of the royals making it to the World Series.

The 17 students of Mrs. Gentz's first grade class at Liberty View Elementary are all ready for the start of the World Series. In fact, they might know more about this Royals team than many adults.

It all started when the royals made it to the American League Division Series. Many of the kids came to school interested and motivated, so it was a natural tie-in to the curriculum.

"So that's what I did is followed the kids lead,” said Gentz.

So now the entire lesson plan has a tie in to the royals; baseball math, baseball reading, and baseball grammar.

While Brighton Wischnack might not know how to define an adjective, he sure knows one that describes the Royals.

"Royals are awesome. Awesome, awesome, totally,” he said.

Students are also practicing their writing skills.

"Dear Alex Gordon. You have an awesome team. I hope your team can come to my school,” wrote one student.

"They have loved learning more about the players, more about the team. I even have some students who have never watched a game before now they are saying they are the number one fan so I think it's exciting,” said Gentz.

The World Series is even making up a world class music lesson.

"For it's one, two, three strikes you're out at the old ball game. Go Royals!" sang the class.

Mrs. Gentz says she has enough lesson plans to carry the class through all seven games, but hopes she only needs to use four of her lesson plans.




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