BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Less than a month after a home in Blue Springs exploded that left multiple people with injuries, we’re learning a person has died.  

The person who died lived in the home for more than 35 years and was a member of his church ministry and a pillar of his community.

For weeks, John White was concerned about his friend and neighbor of more than 35 years, and he still remembers the explosion that took the life of that friend, Clayton Hoover. 

“It’s been a concern, how he was,” John White said.

“The explosion woke me up. Went outside and looked around and saw smoke coming from their house,” White said.

White visited Hoover in the hospital as he fought for his life.

Police say just after two 2 p.m. Friday, Sep. 15, a loud boom came from this home, sending shockwaves across the neighborhood.  

The investigation determined the cause of the explosion was due to a gas leak in the basement near a water heater.

In a caring bride page set up by the family, you can see the friendly face described by White, and the tributes written by those that knew him best.  

Hoover’s wife, according to White, is out of the hospital.

“He was a good person, good people. It’s not good to lose anybody. Anybody but a good person makes it worse,” White said.

Neighbors say the home will be torn down soon.