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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City police said one person is fighting for their life and another was injured as burglars shot them early Monday morning.

According to KCPD Sgt. Jake Becchina, the incident happened at a home near Tennessee Avenue and 90th Terrace around 2 a.m.

Police said when the burglars forced their way into the home, shots were fire. Two people inside the home were hit, leaving one critically injured.

The burglars took off from the scene. Police have not yet released a description.

A child was sleeping in the basement of the home at the time of the incident, but the child was not injured.

This isn’t the first time something violent happened at the house. According to Kansas City police, there was a robbery at the home last week.

Police records say a woman said someone grabbed her from behind and held a gun to her head, demanding she and two others empty their pockets and give up their cell phones.

Neighbors hope Monday’s burglary and shooting is the end to the violence.