'One Shot Deal' crew looks back fondly on 1970 road trip to see Chiefs in Super Bowl IV

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PARKVILLE, Mo. — To some fans, memories of the Kansas City Chiefs most recent Super Bowl appearance aren’t so distant.

Fuzzy football flashbacks snap into focus when the “One Shot Deal” crew assembles. They’re the remaining faces from a group of 13 fraternity brothers who attended Southwest Missouri State University in the 1960’s.

In 1970, the One Shot Deal group, on only a day’s notice, set out driving for New Orleans, where the Chiefs defeated the Vikings in Super Bowl IV.

“This trip was a lot like the road trip in ‘Animal House,'” Robert “Rarv” Parker laughed. “We never planned anything.”

Parker said he and his buddies, many of whom also graduated from North Kansas City High School, packed into three cars, one of which was pulling a small camper.

None of them had tickets to the game, he said. There were 13 guys in all. The trailer was made to sleep six. They didn’t even have a road map.

“We each brought a blanket and a can of beans, or something like that to eat on the way down there. We had no money. I, for one, had zero dollars,” Larry Womack, one of Parker’s fraternity brothers, said Wednesday.

“We had no idea what we were doing,” Parker said. “To make money, we were selling our school books and junk just to have money to go.”

The One Shot crew found tickets to the game for only $15 apiece. The next day, all 13 of them had seats on the 40-yard line at Tulane Stadium to see the Chiefs win their only Super Bowl thus far.

They had no idea it would be their only shot to see Kansas City claim the Lombardi Trophy for such a long stretch.

Photo albums from the road trip show the group partying in the French Quarter and having fun at the stadium.

Five decades later, most of the One Shot Deal crew is still with us. They still get together for lunch once per week at Nick and Jakes in Parkville, and talk about memories of that trip, which have come flooding back with the Chiefs preparing for a long-awaited return to the Super Bowl.

“It was a time that none of us realized how much it was going to mean to us as we grew older. We all had to go because we were avid Chiefs fans. They were going to the Super Bowl,” said Ken Strange, another man who made the trip.

And now, the Chiefs are back on the map, long after the road trip these guys took without one.


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