One week after Capitol riots, protesters gather in Kansas City asking for Sen. Hawley to resign


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Across Missouri protesters gathered Wednesday evening at all four of Republican Senator Josh Hawley’s offices to tell him they want him to resign.

In Kansas City they stood on the steps of the Federal Courthouse but were asked to move across the street. 

Hawley choosing to contest the 2020 presidential election results is leaving many Missourians divided.

“For those who have concerns about the integrity of our election, for those who have concerns about what happened in November. This is the appropriate means. This is the lawful place where those objections and concerns should be heard,” Hawley said during the electoral college vote ratification.

Protestors say Hawley not only sided with rioters but is undermining democracy.

“I would like to see Josh Hawley resign, or I would like to see him removed from office, or at least censored. He is just as clear as a present danger as President Trump is,” Chuck Stone said.

“This week I’m really embarrassed to be represented by Josh Hawley. He said he’s speaking on behalf of Missourians. He absolutely isn’t. That’s why we’re here today. To show that Missourians don’t support overthrowing the government, overturning the election. We want a functional government that will serve all of us,” Kelsey Saragnese said.

However, the chairman of the Jackson County Republican Committee, David Lightner, says Hawley is doing important work and representing all Missourians.

“A lot of criticism from DC’s standpoint, but as far as his constituency here in Missouri we feel very strongly with what he’s doing, and he’s representing us at the state,” Lightner said.

Hawley spoke out Wednesday through a guest column in the Southeast Missourian, a newspaper out of Cape Girardeau, and some others in the state. He went through why he decided to contest the electoral college votes for the state of Pennsylvania and sent a message to his constituents. 

“I will do my best, day in and day out, to represent your voice, no matter who criticizes me. And I will do my utmost to preserve, protect and defend this republic that we call home,” Hawley said.

Protestors not only gathered to make their voices heard, but they delivered a petition with nearly 130,000 signatures from individuals asking Hawley to remove himself from office.

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