One year after Grandview teen shot and killed, family says efforts to find justice being ignored


GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Wednesday marks one year since a Grandview teen, 14-year old Damian Norfleet, was shot and killed in his home.

Today, there still are no arrests or a suspect description in the case.

“It’s been a whole year now since my baby’s been gone. I haven’t been able to say my baby’s name. I haven’t been able to hear him say mama. For a whole year,” said Latisha Norfleet, Damian’s mother.

His mother said she’s reflecting and remembering her son who loved to play football and eat.

“We have been getting a lot of support, and we appreciate it a lot. I don’t want my son’s case to go in vain like that. It can’t, it can’t. If you want to stop violence, help us,” Norfleet said.

The teen was shot while in the kitchen sweeping the floor.

Following the case, his parents announced a $100,000 reward for information leading to arrests. They believe there are people who know exactly who killed their son, even sharing countless tips with police.

They said all their efforts are ignored.

“We feel as if our son’s case has gone cold,” Norfleet said. “There’s no attention on it no more. Nobody in the Grandview Police Department are talking about it for real. You try to get in contact with somebody, you cannot get in contact with them. Even if they would tell me, ‘We have nothing,’ I will accept that. I just want to know something.”

According to investigators with Grandview Police, every tip has stopped cold. They said they have followed up on what they could, but there’s no solid evidence to support any further investigation into the case.

The teen’s parents said this isn’t enough.

“I am tired of that word, being substantial, when you are giving puzzles and pieces, everything connecting. How much torture do you want? Now we are just tortured,” Damian Norfleet Sr. said.

On Wednesday afternoon, family, friends, teachers and classmates gathered outside Grandview High School for a special vigil to honor the teen.

Special memories were shared, and they signed a football to be used as memorabilia.

Family members are pushing anyone who has information to contact the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-8477.

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