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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Mo. — A daughter’s journey for the truth has led to her world turning upside down.

Nearly one year ago, Ellie Green filed a missing person report for her mother, Angela Green. But no one has seen the Prairie Village woman since June 2019.

Perception isn’t always reality. Twenty-year-old Ellie Green would know that more than most.

“My life doesn’t stop; the world keeps going,” Green said.

A year ago, she thought her mother died of a stroke in a Kansas hospital. Months later, she discovered a family secret — her mother might not be dead after all. 

“I was anxious. I was shaking. I didn’t have an appetite. I couldn’t sleep,” Green said.

She went to Topeka for a copy of her mother’s death certificate but found that one didn’t exist. Since then, she hasn’t given up holding out hope her mother could be alive.

Angela and Ellie Green

“I knew something was wrong from my own dad, which made it difficult,” Green said.

She said her father, Geoff Green, gave her and police inconsistent stories about what happened to Angela. Over time, she said she’s had to accept she may lose her father as well.

“He’s my one remaining parent, but I can’t see him in my future if I don’t know what happened,” Green said.

When asked if her father should be charged if he’s responsible for what happened to her mother, she said she believes actions have consequences. 

Ellie stressed she doesn’t know if her father is responsible, but if he is, she said she feels like she’s lost both her parents. She also believes her mother is no longer alive.

“I don’t know if she’s just out dumped in the woods somewhere, buried on someone’s property and they don’t even know. There are tons of possibilities that have gone through my head, but I don’t think she’s alive anymore,” Ellie said.

She keeps her mother in her thoughts through pictures and letters she made for her, spending sometimes hours on each. 

“I want her to know that I’ll never stop looking for her. I’ll never stop trying, and I will never forget what she did for me,” Ellie said. “And I’ll never stop being the person that she can be proud of and the best that I can be.”

Ellie and Angela Green

Ellie studied finance at the University of Kansas, but during her journey to find answers for her mother, she decided she wants to help others get answers of their own by studying journalism at Colorado State University.

“That would mean a lot, and it’s just another way of carrying on what my mom instilled into me,” Ellie said.

She knows that’s all her mother ever wanted.

Geoff Green has never been charged in Angela Green’s disappearance, and his lawyer maintains he has no comment at this time. 

FOX4 has requested copies of all three warrants served related to this case — including a request put in this week. Each time Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe denies the request, citing an ongoing investigation.

The Prairie Village Police Department considers this a missing persons investigation at this time.