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JACKSON COUNTY, Mo. — The families of two metro men say they are still waiting to bring their killer to justice.

Michael Brewer and Keith Wasmer were found murdered at Longview Lake one year ago. That’s where both men’s families gathered Friday to remember the two friends and look back on a difficult year.

What’s more difficult is the man who killed them may be in jail — but not charged with their murder.

The men weren’t heard from again after early August 2018, and just over a week later their families were mourning the gruesome discovery they never wanted to find.

“I think one of the hardest parts is all the different gaps in this story and how things happened,” Wasmer’s mother, Shannon Wasmer, said.

“I want some closure and information, but I also want my son to be OK, you know, so it’s real difficult,” Michael Brewer’s father, Jeff Brewer, said.

Michael’s mother, Lisa Patrick, said the past year has been a waiting game.

“No matter who they were or what they’ve done in their pasts, they were living, breathing human beings with families that love them and families that miss them terribly,” Patrick said.

The family said they believe the men were going to meet a man named Sam.

Sources told FOX4 at the time that man may have been 23-year-old Samuel Delozier, who around this time last year allegedly led police on a high speed chase that killed a Kansas City man. He’s charged with second-degree murder in that case. Police said they’re still investigating a possible link between cases.

“All I have been told is that there is a clear direction of where they are going with it,” Patrick said. “Of course, they can’t discuss details or anything else, so I try to keep in contact with the detective on the case. I contact her once a week, and that’s all she ever tells me.”

Patrick said both men now have children who miss their fathers.

She hopes KCPD will find all the information they need to solve their case and so many others.

“We will not stop, and we will find out what happened to them. What happens in the dark always comes to light,” Patrick said.

Around 20 of their friends and family gathered Friday at the lake to remember both of the men.

They hope someone will come forward to give police the evidence they need to bring charges against the person who left Michael and Keith in the woods one year ago.