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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City mom’s life took a drastic turn around this time last year.

Juhna Payton, her husband and son were shot in a car right in front of their home last September.

That shooting killed 1-year-old Tyrone Payton and a year later his mom is still searching for answers.

“Our blood, our kids’ blood is still on the ground and that’s one reason why I chose not to leave because he’s still here, his killer is still here, I’m still here and we gone fight,” Juhna Payton, Tyrone’s mom said.

It still hurts Payton to talk about the day her baby, Tyrone, was killed, but this mom is determined to keep sharing Tyrone’s story until his killer is caught.

“The gunman didn’t know my name,” Payton said. “The gunman didn’t know who we were.”

Payton said on September 21,2020 she and her husband, a friend and Tyrone were sitting in a rental car when someone walked up to them and started shooting.

“We pulled ourselves together and drove to the fire station and he didn’t cry and he didn’t make noise and I think I knew already that he was gone,” Payton said.

To this day she said they still don’t know who the gunman was, Kansas City police said detectives don’t either.

Juhna was shot six times.

Bullets pierced her left leg, arm and stomach. She said he was trying to protect Tyrone.

Her husband, Robert was shot too.

Payton said the main things giving her strength right now is justice for Tyrone.

“And I know I can’t ask God that question… why didn’t he take me instead of my boy because it would’ve been worth the sacrifice, but I do know that I’m here and I got to keep pushing man,” Payton said.

Police said detectives need the public’s help and are asking people with any information to call the TIPS Hotline at 816-474-8477.