KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Auctioning for the Parade of Hearts, which have been widely popular the past few months across the Kansas City area, will officially begin this week.

Details were announced Tuesday afternoon with the online-only portion of the auction opening Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. Bidding will close at noon on Friday, June 17.

Between those times, people will be able to bid on their favorite heart(s) by clicking here.

Parade of Heart organizers said it’s incredibly simple and designed to help you easily manage your bids.

A username, password and credit card are required to bid. Checks and cash payments are not valid for the online auction.

The organization said a few favorite hearts may not be found because either a top tier sponsor was able to keep their sponsored heart or a particular heart will be in the live auction on June 17.

More details on the live auction will be shared next week.

The hearts were originally set to be collected on May 31 but the team saw the praise and decided to push back the final day until June 10. The organization said heart removal will begin Saturday, June 11.

Over 150 local artists created the 5-foot designs that showcase the iconic KC heart symbol in a fresh way.

Their purpose is to raise critical funding to support so many impacted by the continued repercussions of the pandemic.

The organizers behind the hearts made a map of their locations to make hunting them all down a little easier.

Brian McClendon, a Lawrence, Kansas native and the inventor of Google Earth, also created an interactive map for those looking for the hearts in the final few weeks.

There’s also an app available that has a map with GPS locations for every heart, an interactive treasure hunt, artist bios and a way for you to create your own virtual KC heart.