Online seller shoots first after phony dog buyer attempts armed heist

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Two men trying to sell an English bulldog traveled to meet a dog buyer on Thursday, but the sale didn’t go through as planned. WSB reports that the prospective buyer responded to an ad on a breeding website, but actually intended to rob the men, and was shot dead when he pulled out a gun.

Police say the dead man is a suspect in four similar robberies, three that involved dogs and another for an iPhone. The dog’s owner said as he drove toward the home, he saw the man standing in a garage. When the would-be robbery victims showed the dog, the man pulled a gun, and the dog’s owner said he got his own pistol and instinctively pulled the trigger.

“We’re both still shaken up. It’s unreal,” the dog’s owner said. WSB reports he has a legal carry permit.

The two sellers then drove off and called 911. The dog’s owner said the experience was a lesson learned. He said the phony buyer lured them to a home with a sad story, but said he’ll know to use better judgment in the future. Police said they don’t believe the dead man even lived at the home, and may have had an accomplice who ran from the scene when the shooting happened.



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