OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Monday, the Overland Park Planning Commission voted 7-2 to recommend the city council approve rezoning property near the former Incred-A-Bowl site.

Lenexa-based developer N.M.S. is requesting the city rezone a 2.9-acre lot at 151st Street and Antioch Road from office space (CP-O) to a planned cluster housing district (RP-4). The developer intends to construct townhomes on the vacant lot directly to the north of the former Incred-A-Bowl building within the Trails Wind Center.  

The proposed complex would include 18 townhome units spread across five, two-story buildings. Each unit will have three bedrooms, three bathrooms and an attached two car garage. 

The planning commission originally reviewed the proposal on May 9. Since then, the developer has reduced the number of units in the easternmost building from four to two and reoriented the proposed building to sit perpendicular to the single family houses to the north. 

N.M.S. owns both the vacant property and the former bowling alley site to the south. Although the project does not include plans for the Incred-A-Bowl building itself, if approved, residents would access the townhomes through the shopping center property. 

Existing access road within the shopping center would connect from Antioch Road and 151st Street to the development. 

Patrick Lenahan with Yaeger Architecture spoke on behalf of the developer Monday afternoon. Lenahan said the developer expressed any future development at the Incred-A-Bowl site is contingent on revenue generated by the townhome project. 

During the public hearing Monday, several neighbors raised concerns about the proximity to neighboring homes in the Brittany Pointe and Brittany Highlands neighborhoods. 

Homeowners also expressed frustration with the deterioration of the Incred-A-Bowl site. Greg Luthi said the current state of the bowl property makes him worry about the developer’s ability to maintain the townhomes.  

“This proposed project would not help develop the site to its best and highest purpose,”Luthi said.   

Final development plans for the townhome project will be reviewed by the planning commission at a later date. The Overland Park City Council is scheduled to review the rezone request on Monday, July 11.