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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In the event of a disaster, one of the most important things to do is get food to the victims, and that is why Operation BBQ Relief took part in Wednesday’s disaster drill.

If an earthquake should cause massive destruction in southeast Missouri, this organization would mobilize chefs throughout the Midwest to get smoked meats and other food to that area.

They took Wednesday’s drill as an opportunity to not only feed the hundreds of people involved in this drill, but also work out the kinks within their own operation.

“I actually think that the role of providing food is one of the top two things that you need to have for people,” Stan Hays, co-founder of Operation BBQ Relief, said. “I mean, shelter is obviously paramount, but I think food falls right behind shelter because once a person finds a place, if they don’t have food to eat that shelter is probably not going to last very long because they’re going to have to go somewhere else.”

Operation BBQ Relief relies on donations to get food to disaster victims. If you want to help, you can text DONATEOBR to 41444.