KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Community organizations are doing what they can to reach out to teens, who too often lately, have been the victim of gun violence.

Because of this some community organizations are reaching out to teens and new organizations are being formed.

Some people might’ve seen Joseph Straws DJ’n for youth around town but starting next year he’s taking his passion somewhere else.

It’s an approach he saw other fathers doing in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Going into the schools, being present and walking around with students.

Now he wants to start it in Kansas City, Kansas with dads and moms.

“These kids don’t know how to have an issue with a person and resolve that conflict and it does not turn into a deadly situation,” Straws said.

It comes at a time where gun violence is at an all-time high with teenagers.

Just this year, 14 teenagers, 17 years and younger, were shot to death in Kansas City, Missouri. Five teenagers in Kansas City, Kansas have been killed because of gun violence.

In independence there were 54 cases where teenagers were victims of gun violence, but police couldn’t say how many of those ended in homicides.

It hurts my heart to see those kids being hurt,” Juan Tabb, Arts Tech executive director, said.

At Arts Tech they are finding ways to keep kids off the streets through art

“These students are learning to problem solve,” Tabb said. “They’re learning to create environments where everyone feels safe.”

Both men agree the only way to combat the violence in teens is to get involved.

“Show these kids that the community loves them,” said Straws.