OTTAWA, Kan. — The death of a Lawrence man is under investigation after police found his body inside an Ottawa home.

Investigators believe the 22-year-old victim may have after overdosing on Fentanyl, based on what they found at the house when they located his remains on Tuesday.

In addition to the man’s death, Ottawa Police officers have saved the lives of four people who overdosed on Fentanyl in the past two months, according to the department.

Two of the overdoses happened in the past week at a home in the community. The Ottawa Police Department said one of the victims is 17 years old.

Drug investigations involving Fentanyl are a priority for the Ottawa Police Department Drug Unit and will likely only get worse as its use gains traction in Ottawa and Franklin County.

Chief Adam Weingartner, Ottawa Police

The Ottawa Police Department is asking anyone who knows anything about Fentanyl being sold in the area, or tips on other drug activity, to call the department at 785-242-2561, Ext. 4DEU.