Ousted! Kansas farmer captures dramatic act of owl knocking eagle out of nest


MARION COUNTY, Kan. — A Kansas farmer who has a popular YouTube channel is getting a lot of clicks with one of his newest videos.

Derek Klingenberg, who goes by Farmer Derek, has two bald eagles nesting on his farm in Marion County. He has named them Willie and Marie.

His website, FarmerDerek.com, includes a live camera so people can watch the eagles come and go. He says the eagles don’t usually sleep at the nest. Instead, they tend to roost with some other nearby eagles.

When the nest is empty, two great horned owls have been checking it out.

One night the camera showed Willie and Marie sleeping in their nest around 11:00 when one of the owls swoops in and hits one of the eagles, knocking it from the nest. In the video, the attack happens at about the 45-second mark.

Klingenberg went out the next morning to check on the eagles and they are OK.

He says he did some reading on the situation and said he’s learned that it’s possible the owls are trying to hijack the eagles’ nest.

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