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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — New details in the case of a Prairie Village wife and mother who vanished. It’s been nearly one year since her daughter reported Angela Green missing.

In the past year, there has been movement in the case Det. Sgt. Adam Taylor calls mysterious. FOX4 went through what he could share about the investigation and what they need to find Angela.

From the minute Taylor started investigating Angela Green’s case, he knew they were behind.

“It’s a challenge, but just like anything else, we overcome challenges every day and we adapt to them, and we investigate what we can,” Taylor said.

Green was reported missing in February 2020, and the last time anyone saw her was eight months before that.

In the past year, the Prairie Village Police Department executed three search warrants in the case. One at the family’s home, another at a storage property, and a third at the family’s second home in Lawrence.

Taylor said they’ve tracked more than 150 leads and are still looking for answers.

“We are working with the FBI right now, the KBI and their crime lab because we have evidence that is out there, and we are just waiting for results to come back,” Taylor said.

At the center of the search for Angela is her husband, Geoff Green.

Over the past six months FOX4 has spoken with his daughter, Ellie Green, and listened to secret recordings she made with her father, posing improbable scenarios about what happened to Angela.

“I wouldn’t say he’s cooperated. He has his right to seek his counsel. He is doing that, and so, at this time, he is not able to communicate with us,” Taylor said. “I believe Mr. Green loves his daughter very much, and if he had any involvement with it, he will be the father and tell his daughter what’s going on, or somebody will say something to someone and they will report it.”

Taylor said they need the public’s help with any information that could lead them to Angela, but they need Geoff Green’s help the most.

“I’ll say the exact same thing I said to him the other day when we executed the warrant: We just want the help. You might have information. You might not. But we are here to help, and all we’re asking you to do is come forward and let us know anything and everything you know about Angela,” Taylor said.

FOX4 spoke with Green’s criminal defense lawyer who said they have no comment and won’t unless his client is charged with a crime and he’s able to review the evidence.

Ellie Green is a junior at the University of Kansas but tells FOX4 she’s decided to transfer to a university in Colorado to study journalism.

Back in October, Ellie teamed up with Sarah Turney, a woman who helped solve her sister’s murder case through a podcast and TikTok. The two worked on a series of episodes for Turney’s podcast Voices for Justice and the first episode was released Wednesday.