Overland Park 13-year-old accused of pointing finger gun at classmates given ‘second chance’

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A 13-year-old Kansas girl who was arrested for pointing a finger gun at classmates has been placed on a juvenile diversion program.

Johnson County District Attorney spokesperson Kristi Bergeron confirmed to FOX4 that the Overland Park girl, who was originally charged with felony threatening, was set to go before a judge on Tuesday, but the hearing was canceled.

Bergeron said the teen is on diversion but provided no details.

According to the website for the JoCo. district attorney’s office, “diversion is a program for juveniles with no prior offenses who commit less serious offenses and are therefore given a ‘second chance’. Juvenile who are accepted and successfully complete the program will have their charges dismissed without a finding of guilt.”



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