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OVERLAND PARK, KAN. — Less than 24 hours after vandals hit an Overland Park Church, the archbishop here in Kansas City, Kansas says they will not let the move intimidate them.

Today workers at the church spent more than four hours trying to clear the messages left behind. 

“This is an effort of intimidation to try and silence the church,” said Archbishop Joesph Naumann of the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas  

Naumann’s reaction after Overland Park’s Church of the Ascension found itself in the cross hairs of troublemakers who descended on the church.  

“There was paint that appeared to look like blood that was poured over the statue of Mary.”

This happening on the backdrop of an amendment that will be coming up for a vote in less than a month. If passed, Value Them Both, could add restrictions on abortions in the state of Kansas.

The Congregation at this church has financially backed the proposed legislation.  

The messages on the building are consistent with abortion rights language. 

“I’ll pray for them. They are not a very happy person if they result to these kinds of things,” said Naumann.

While a church member we talked with, Rick Enna, says even though he disagrees with the mistake by these vandals made, this shouldn’t define them. 

“I think the people that did this, I’m not sure those people are evil. I think those people really believe they’re really doing something to advance their cause,” said Enna. 

The archbishop wouldn’t confirm if there is video footage of the crime, but the Overland Park Police Department is investigating the incident. 

Naumann says the church sits in a position where not only do they encourage their members to vote yes. But he says the church is allowed to partake in advocacy on the issue.  

“In term of advocacy for legislation or in this case, an amendment, absolutely. One doesn’t lose their voice in America because your religious,” Naumann said. 

The archbishop had one point that he wanted to emphasize and that is no matter what side of the issue you are on, we can still disagree and respect one another.