Overland Park event venue leaves couples without a place for their wedding

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — People plan for months and sometimes even years to make sure their big day is special.

Elliot Holcomb and her fiance, Kenny Olson, woke up this morning, thinking they’d be putting the finishing touches on their dream wedding.

Now they have to start much of the planning over.

Their wedding was supposed to be at Noah’s Event Venue in March 2020. But this morning, Noah’s sent an email saying it’ll be closing the doors at its Overland Park location on August 31.

“I was kind of in shock. I for a second didn’t believe it. After that it was a moment of extreme anger,” Holcomb said.

Holcomb and Olson signed their contract with the venue May 27, paying over $5,000 for the space. Just a day later, Noah’s filed for bankruptcy.

Noah’s also released a statement saying “We received word late yesterday (July 31st) that our landlords no longer want us as the tenant of the Overland Park location.”

Now Holcomb and Olson want their money back. Noah’s says they’ll get it. But Holcomb and Olson fear they’ll never see it.

“I started researching and a lot of brides are saying their Noah`s in their areas closed and have never seen money back,” Holcomb said.

Cherie Reese of the Better Business Bureau said it’s always good to have a back up plan.

“You really can’t prevent something like this. You just can’t tell the future of what’s going to happen to a company,” Reese said.

Even with the recent turn of events, Holcomb and Olson still count themselves as lucky.

“We are definitely one of the more blessed couples. I can’t imagine having a wedding in a month or two months. it would be ridiculous,” Olson said.

This couple will be in full planning mode, as they rush to piece everything together before their big day.

Noahs Event Venue has several locations across the country, including two in Kansas. Even though the Overland Park location is closing, the company said its venue in Wichita will stay open.



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