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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A spokesperson from LaMar’s Donuts said the Overland Park location that was closed on Saturday after the employees quit says it was reopened Sunday.

Ron King with LaMar’s Donuts corporate office said a crew was flown in Saturday night from Denver, Colorado to staff the store and it reopened at 4 a.m. on Sunday.

King said the mold behind the sink the employees complained about was corrected last month and that the general manager did not quit, but was on an extended vacation and would return on Thursday.

“We immediately started the process to replace [the sink] but we are struggling with supply chain issue. We can’t get the sink in quite yet,” King said.

The donuts that were left behind when the when the workers walked out had to be thrown away.

The employees claimed that they were under appreciated, underpaid and overworked.

In regards to this, King said that hospitality industry overall is seeing a shortage of workers, which unfortunately puts a burden on staff members.

“At Lamar’s too, we have been strained and stretched thin. We’re having a modest staff shortage,” King said.

Lindsay Dube, a now-former employee of the store, claimed employees were fed up with the shop’s leadership.

While Dube says the general manager’s departure was the final straw, she also claims that the store has unsanitary, even dangerous conditions.

She also claims the employees were not getting accurate tip money.

Halen Knapp, a former manager of LaMar’s Donuts said that he reached out to corporate many times, and never heard anything back. He hopes this walkout with create some changes for the donut shop.

“If Ray LaMar saw how this company was being run, he would be devastated,” Knapp said.