OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — An Airbnb in an Overland Park neighborhood turned into a crime scene Tuesday morning.

Overland Park Police are investigating after someone staying at an Airbnb near West 61st Terrace and Robinson Street shot a burglary suspect around 10 a.m.

Police say a burglar tried to break into the home. When the person renting it saw that, he raced back to the house and confronted the burglar.

The renter told officers he did not recognize the person and returned to the house.

Police said the home was burglarized yesterday, but could not clue us into how the renter knew someone might be back so soon.

The tenant confronted the burglary suspect, pulled a gun, and shot the person in the foot. The victim is hospitalized to get treatment for the injury, but is expected to survive.

Overland Park police say they always recommend calling them before trying to deal with a situation like this.

“We would want you to contact 911 first. Give a good description of what the burglar is wearing, if there is a vehicle, things of that sort. Give us all the information and have us respond to the scene,” John Lacey, Overland Park Police Department, said.

Police are investigating the shooting and talking to the person staying at the Airbnb.