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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The driver of a red truck took off early Wednesday morning after police say he intentionally crashed into a police cruiser.

Police say they stopped the driver near 80th and Antioch, believing the truck or the license plate were stolen.

The driver pulled into a driveway and let another person out. The man then backed into the police officer’s cruiser, prompting the officer to fire shots toward the suspect’s truck. The officer stayed at the location and questioned the passenger, who said he got a ride from the driver and knows nothing about him.

Police later confirmed that the truck was in fact reported stolen.

“During that traffic stop, the vehicle reversed, struck his patrol car… turned towards the officer and the officer fired at the vehicle,” said John Lacy, Overland Park police officer.

Police say they know who the driver is and are trying to contact his family.

“We know who the suspect is. At this particular point we’re trying to contact family members, friends, to see if he can turn himself in,” said Lacy.

Lacy said the investigation is ongoing and said the department would let the media know when they’ve determined if the man was struck by the gunfire.