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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Starbucks employees at an Overland Park, Kansas location claimed victory Friday in their unionization fight.

The National Labor Relations Board tallied the votes at 6-1, in favor of a union.

Employees at the Starbucks location near I-35 and 75th Street in Overland Park huddled around a laptop outside of the store Friday listening as the votes for its unionization were read live from the national labor relations board office.

“We have decided to unionize so very soon they are going to recognize us as a valid union and we will have a seat at the table to bargain,” Hannah Edwards, a Starbucks shift supervisor at the location said.

Starbucks challenged seven ballots from former employees who claim they were fired for union activity.

Workers say they just want a better working environment and security.

“The things we are prioritizing is better compensation for all of us especially those who have put in multiple years in this company and security of our benefits,” Edwards said.

FOX4 has been following the store’s unionization efforts. We reported earlier this week staff went on strike on Wednesday until Saturday. Employees plan to come back on Sunday.

Last month, workers went on strike out for several hours and protested on the adjacent sidewalk.

Starbucks issued this statement earlier this week saying it believes it’s better together as partners without a union.

As for now they say they’ve won the fight to unionize, but they still fear retaliation.

“Unfortunately they have given us reason to be afraid of retaliation so we’ll have to see if they have heard what we have to say,” Edwards said. “We have power withholding labor.”

There is no timeline for when those seven challenged ballots will be verified.