OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Police in Overland Park are on the lookout for as many as five juveniles accused of shooting Airsoft pellets at unsuspecting people throughout that Kansas suburb.

“Reckless, stupid, immature. There are kids who have been killed because people thought they had real weapons,” Brandy Butcher, who was hit, said.

Butcher, a mother of two boys, was doing what she always does. Her night walk with her dog in her neighborhood, but then things took a turn just before 8:30 Saturday night.

“Felt a couple of things hit, and I was like—car sped off, and I saw this kid pulling a rifle-looking thing in the car,” Butcher said.

She and her dog had just been hit multiple times by what police say were like Airsoft pellets. The car fired those toy guns and then sped off. 

“It was a stupid thing. They could have done that to the wrong person, and someone could have shot them with a real gun. You don’t just do that to unsuspecting people. You don’t know who you’re messing with.”

The Overland Park Police Department says as many as five teens were a part of this mayhem in the Overland Park Neighborhood. 

They went and ran inside of an Olive Garden in the area after firing the toy gun. Police were not able to contact these kids, but they’re wanted on aggravated assault charges.

“I called, not because I was hurt or was mad or whatever, but I was hoping that police could find them so that they could stop them before maybe they did find the wrong person or got themselves hurt,” Butcher said.

“What would they have felt if someone did that to their mom? My kids are really mad they’re upset about it.”  

Butcher is okay. It’s also important to note that even if these kids wouldn’t have hit Butcher, what they were doing is against the law in Overland Park.   

If you know who these juveniles could be, you’re asked to call police.