Overland Park traffic cameras catch two close calls in less than a week

overland park police

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Police say a pedestrian and a man riding a motorcycle were both likely shaken up after incidents this past week.

Luckily neither seemed to be seriously injured, but Overland Park police warn both crashes could have ended up much worse than they did.

The latest happened Monday morning at West 87th Street and Switzer Road. The driver of a car stopped, then made a turn on the red light. Police said the problem was that the driver turned into the wrong lane of traffic and sideswiped a motorcycle.

The motorcycle crashed, but video shows the driver continuing down the street. Police said they don’t think the driver ever noticed the motorcycle. Luckily, the man was able to stand up following the impact.

Overland Park Police said there was another close call last week, this time involving a pedestrian. It happened at West 75th Street and Antioch Road on Sept. 8.

A pedestrian was waiting to cross the street when the driver of a car ran a red light. The car crashed into a white van that already entered the intersection.

The drivers lost control and headed straight toward the person standing on the sidewalk. The pedestrian ran out of the way, and police say no one was seriously injured.

Overland Park police remind drivers that there is always time to take a second look to make sure you are as safe as possible when behind the wheel.

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