Overland Park woman says owner of KC’s semi-pro basketball team owes her thousands

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Natalie Hooper is no fan of Justin Pattison, the owner of Kansas City’s semi-pro basketball team. He owes her a lot of money.

“A little over $7,000,” said Hooper, who never got paid for making dozens of T-shirts, hoodies and other clothing items emblazoned with the KC Tornadoes logo.

She expected to receive payment within a couple of weeks of submitting her bill. She said she never imagined she’d be stiffed.

“Oh my gosh never in my life,” she said. “It just is baffling, I’ve never, never had anybody not pay.”

But Pattison argued that he’d never consented to the order, and she should have never made the items without his written consent. Hooper said that isn’t true.

“I have trails of emails with all the communication,” she said.

Hooper took Pattison to court and a won a default judgment three months ago, but she has yet to see a dime of that money.

Hooper’s complaint isn’t the first that FOX4 Problem Solvers has received about Pattison.

In fact, a Problem Solvers investigation exposed multiple problems at his Overland Park store Gameroom Concepts, where customers said they had paid thousands of dollars for pool tables and other items, but never received them.

Pattison denied he had any unhappy customers and refused to explain why he had yet to pay Hooper the money she is owed.

Pattison also wouldn’t tell Problem Solvers whether the KC Tornadoes are still in business. An official at Hy-Vee Arena said the team is no longer using its facility.

Nothing has been posted on the KC Tornadoes Facebook Page for months, and the website is no longer working.

A former executive with the team, who asked not to be identified, said the KC Tornadoes lost many of its star players after Pattison failed to pay them.



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