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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A metro woman’s Facebook post has former brides and bridesmaids across the country having a good laugh. FOX 4 first told about Heidi Mann’s photoshoot in the dress from 1995 last week.

Mann said her mom held onto the dress all of these years.

“We moved to London and when we moved back from London about five years ago she was like I am done with these, you’ve got to take them,” Mann said.

She said the dress, along with eight other bridesmaid dresses she has worn, have been tucked away in her closet at her Overland Park home. She said she has also held onto all of her prom dresses.

“The style though was really popular and I think that’s what’s been so funny is there are a lot of people in the early to mid-90s who had the dress,” she said. “I actually have another one like this it’s just short.”

After Heidi’s friend, Tammi, posted the photo to Facebook with an apology to the bridesmaids, Heidi had a little fun. She had her son take photos of her wearing the 22-year-old dress while she was gardening and doing laundry. Then, she posted them on the Facebook post with the comment, “What do you mean? I wear mine all the time.”

Mann said the dresses were each handmade from a pattern by the bridesmaid’s grandmothers or seamstresses.

“It’s her wedding, you know, I wanted her to be happy and she was happy and we all looked awesome and I thought the dress was beautiful,” she told FOX 4.