Overland Park World War II veteran celebrates 100th birthday with ‘wave’ party


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Friday was a very special day for one Overland Park resident.

Joseph Heydon was born on March 5, 1921. He turned 100 years old Friday.

He was honored at a “wave” party outside of his home at The Forum in Overland Park. Relatives and friends brought balloons and signs show their support.

Joe was married to his wife, Martha, for 70 years and worked at the U.S. Postal Service for 30 years. Before that, though, he served his country in World War II.

“He was in the 445th Bombardment Army Air Force,” daughter Anne Gillespie said. “He was a Staff Sergeant. He was a big deal.”

Now, Joe spends his time going on daily walks, making calls on his iPad and painting pictures for his caregivers and fellow residents.



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