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GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — Independence police say they found human remains Wednesday near a home in Grain Valley that’s connected to a missing persons case in Independence.

So far police haven’t identified the body, but detectives said they have been communicating with the victim’s family.

Neighbors were shocked to see police and even the FBI on the property on S. Buckner Tarsney Road and then to hear what they discovered.

“My grandma lived here since I was a baby, since I was born, and we lived across the street for a while,” said Rhondaya Banks who lives nearby. “Nothing this big ever happened. Nobody or no commotion over there or nothing.”

Records reveal the property belongs to 40-year-old Michael Hendricks.

In May, Hendricks was charged with child sex crimes in Jackson County. The charges consist of child enticement, child molestation, sexual misconduct and tampering with evidence.

A few weeks before that, a teenage girl in foster care told her case worker about reported sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of Hendricks, prosecutors say.

According to court documents obtained by FOX4, the teen indicated that sometime last fall, Hendricks and a woman asked her to dress in lingerie and get in bed with them.

The teenager also said Hendricks showed her pictures of a female he claimed he and his girlfriend shared a sexual relationship with. Court records say the teenager told her social worker that Hendricks and his girlfriend choked the female to death and put her in the freezer.

According to the teen, she saw pictures of the female with her hands tied, naked and gagged. It’s unclear if the body mentioned in charging documents is the same body authorities found Wednesday.

Hendricks is currently in Jackson County jail on the child sex crimes charges and does not face any charges at the time related to the body found on the property he owns.

Police also haven’t announced if any other arrests or charges have been made regarding this discovery of human remains.

Authorities have not released any information on the age, gender or identity of the remains found.

“If someone has a family member that’s a missing person out there and you think it has something to do with this case, unless you’ve been contacted by our detectives, it is not,” said John Syme with Independence Police.