Panera asks customers not to bring guns inside stores

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SHAWNEE, Kan. – Leave your firearms behind. That’s the request Panera is making for customers as they enter its bakery-cafes. While some feedback is positive for the move, others say it could be asking for trouble.

Rebecca Bieker’s business and passion is educating people on self-protection. As owner of She’s a Pistol, LLC, her priority is making sure gun-owners are well-educated and safe.

“The majority of customers we get that choose to carry every day, they’re very trained, and they repeat that training on a regular basis,” said Bieker.

That’s why Bieker says as a gun advocate, she doesn’t think businesses like Panera should ask customers to leave their firearms behind.

“As an advocate for firearms and self-defense, I believe it’s a disservice to certain customers to not be able to take their protection with them,” she said.

However, as a business owner, she says she understands that businesses need to do what they feel is best to keep their customers safe.

Panera issued a statement, in place of an on camera interview with Fox 4, that said the company respects the rights of gun owners, but its decision to request firearms be left outside the bakery-cafes is to preserve the environment it’s working to create for its guests and associates.

Panera’s move comes after several other companies did the same thing, including Chipotle, Starbucks and Sonic, to name a few.

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