PAOLA, Kan. — With how wet it has been over the past few days, anyone could get the rainy day blues.

But for some homeowners in Paola, Kansas, rain in amounts that we’ve had recently is enough to provoke an anxiety attack.

That’s because the risk of flooding is real and persistent in their neighborhood, a risk perhaps caused by a design flaw.

A rhythm is set by sump pumps across one cul-de-sac in Heatherwood estates.

“You can see we’re probably at a good 6 inches right now,” said Sherie Keegan who has lived on Rosewood Court for two and half years.

“It was over 10 inches deep last night,” Keegan said.

Video during one rainstorm shows the moat created on Thursday. The water is stagnant if not steadily creeping toward surrounding homes.

Neighbors said it has been an issue since the neighborhood was built 20 years ago. But they’re reaching a breaking point.

“We don’t have a storm drain. We’re the only cul-de-sac that is missing a storm drain. The developer apparently never put one in,” Keegan said.

Mary Tarhini has had her basement flood multiple times since moving in. She said the city bears some responsibility as part of the permitting process.

“It was kind of just not ever finished. You know, they kind of just built the houses down here this way and just never came back and completely finished things,” Tarhini said.

“We have contacted every city manager that we’ve ever had,” she said.

“Everybody agrees that we have a problem. But they just don’t ever want to do anything about it,” Tarhini said.

FOX4 reached out to the city of Paola about this issue and the possibility that a storm drain will be installed for the area — also asking who bears that responsibility in cost. FOX4 is awaiting that reply.