KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After the Parade of Champions came the parade of fans trying to get home from the parade celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory.

At the shuttle pick up location at E. 31st Street and Gillham Road, lines snaked around and around a large parking lot several times.

“Just look at this line we’ll probably be in it for two hours to board the bus to get back to our cars it’s terrible. Next season I’ll watch it on television,” Gary Ervin said.

When asked if she could tell where the line began or ended after waiting in the line for approximately one hour Kenzie Park said. “It’s never ending you can’t even see it. “

But once cars started making their way down 31st Street and the busses could pull along both sides of the parking lot to pick up passengers, the line quickly died down shortly after 4 p.m.

“They’ve got a good flow now you can see all the busses wrapped around and they are pushing people on to it so it’s actually going pretty fast now,” Tyler Ammerman said.

On a day they got to see all the stars of the Super Bowl Champion Chiefs and the Lombardi Trophy makes it way down Grand Avenue, even the most frustrated of parade goers like Ervin who rated the shuttle experience “a minus 2.5 on a scale of 1 to 10” had to chuckle when asked if attending the parade was worth it.

“Well yeah it was worth it,” he said.