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GARDNER, Kan. — A seven-year-old named Tanner McCullough is battling a rare form of cancer that has unfortunately progressed. In response, the community held a driving parade to show Tanner that he is not alone.

Kaylee McCullough, Tanner’s mother says the outpouring of love has been overwhelming.

“I cried on the first vehicle today. Honestly, I’ve been speechless.” McCullough said.

Hundreds of cars, truck, and emergency vehicles lined the street in front of Gardner Elementary to show Tanner that the community is behind him. 

“We know that we are not alone in this, and everybody’s here supporting us, and it is mind blowing how many people came out we did not expect this at all.” McCullough said.

Tanner’s cancer is progressing, and those who know him say it is heartbreaking seeing the negative impact that cancer is having on his young body. 

“When you see some of the light go out of his eyes and his energy is gone and he’s not quite the same child that you worked with before, it’s hard.“ Janee Henderson, Tanner’s teacher, said

Tanner’s mom says he is the strongest member of the family, and that she knows, he will continue to fight.

“He just got his first infusion on Friday, and he was like, ‘I can do this!’ So, it’s remarkable to watch.” McCullough, said.

She said when battling something like this, milestones are important. The McCullough family will savor today and fight as hard as they can to make sure that Tanner will be here to enjoy this parade next year.