Parents divided on whether winter weather should have closed metro schools on Thursday

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Some parents were annoyed that some school districts didn’t close on Thursday, while others didn’t want to take any chances with slick conditions on metro roads.

“It`s snowing, people aren`t driving as well, they could slide, wreck” said parent Tricia Hammer.

Some districts around the metro decided to play it safe and cancel classes as the snow and ice took over the streets, while other districts didn’t feel the weather was bad enough to close their doors.

“It`s not that bad out, if it was five inches deep, maybe, but I don`t think it warrants a closing. We went to school in a lot worse weather,” said Robin Shields.

Shields watches her 4-year-old grandson regularly, but she’s also her watched her 6-year-old grandchild on Thursday because school was canceled in the Park Hill School District.

“A lot of them are going to be outside anyway in the snow, in 10 degree weather,” added Shields.

She says many kids go outside to play in the snow when they’re out of school, and doesn`t think school should have been canceled. She said that accidents on the road can happen regardless.

“I`ve thought about it, but it can happen on a clear day, people run stop signs, people just don`t pay attention, whatever happens beyond the wheel, you never know,” Shields said.

On the other hand, some parents think it’s absolutely more dangerous in icy and snowy conditions, and can’t believe school wasn’t canceled.

“I would have stayed in bed, instead of having to go out and shovel the driveway, and clean off the car, and have to go through traffic where, I feel pretty confident in driving in the snow, but there`s a lot of people who aren`t confident driving in the snow, and I just didn`t want to drive in it anyway,” said Hammer.

Hammer has two daughters in the Shawnee Mission School District, which was open as normal.

“I always feel like they are just a little more strict on how, if the buses can make it, then everybody can make it,” Hammer added.

She was left wishing that her daughters could have stayed home from school.

“I think they`re nicer!” said Hammer with a laugh. “I don`t think kids should be out there, and that puts a lot more pressure on parents to have to decide whether their kids should stand out there, or whether they should take their kids to school, and I think a lot of parents actually probably do let their kids stay home.”

If there are school closings for Friday, and all other closings like churches and such, you can check them at this link.

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