Parents frustrated by lack of answers in search for kids on KC school bus missing for hours

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A group of parents say they're getting the runaround from Kansas City Public Schools about what happened to their kids.

They arrived home four hours later than they were supposed to get off the school bus Monday, leaving their parents frantic.

KCPS said a 30-minute delay with high school students messed up the bus schedules district-wide.

But some parents aren't buying that answer.

"We called the principal, we called the front desk. We called teachers' personal phone numbers. I mean, nobody was answering this phone," mom Jordyn Harris said.

It was a hard lesson Harris learned on the first day of school Monday.

"Once we found out that the kids aren't even at the school, we're trying to find them," she said. "Where is this bus?"

At Garcia Elementary, the school day ends just before 3:30 p.m. But the bus carrying her two kids didn't arrive until after 7 p.m.

"I'm really confused on how nobody spotted the bus before this, and we still know there's a 4-hour gap, and we don't know what happened in those 4 hours," Harris said.

She wants to know why no one could track down a bus full of kids for hours -- only to find them blocks away from the bus stop.

"All the kids ran off the bus to their parents in tears and upset," Harris said.

For five hours on Tuesday, Harris and other parents met with KCPS leaders, including Student Transportation of America officials, the new company providing bus service for the district.

Harris said she didn't get a lot of answers.

But KCPS sent a statement to FOX4, saying the buses were late picking up students because of the high school delay and the bus driver failed to follow several policies and procedures. The driver has now been fired.

Back at the bus stop on Tuesday, the kids arrived home with a new driver.

But Harris said not knowing where her kids were for those four hours on Monday will still bother her.



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